Thursday, 31 March 2016

Molten Salt Reactors

WNA now have a web-page on molten salt reactors:

  • In Canada, Terrestrial Energy hope to have a prototype IMSR up within about 5 years.
  • In USA,
    • FliBe pursue their state of art LFTR design
    • ThorCon plan to have production reactors built (in Indonesia) within 10 years
    • Transatomic Power move ever closer to their waste-burning reactor which can run entirely off nuclear waste
    • Southern Company Services, a subsidiary of Southern Company, is developing the MCFR in partnership with Bill Gates' TerraPower, Electric Power Research Institute, Vanderbilt University, and ORNL
  • China pursues two kinds of MSR. The TMSR is a pure thorium MSR design like the LFTR, and a pebble fueled (TRISO), molten salt cooled design. TerraPower will also prototype their reactors in China.
  • Denmark has:
  • Britain has Moltex Energy
  • France is home to pan-European EVOL fast MSR research
    • Aristos Power, uses a graphite moderator, and a range of sizes form small to large.
  • Czech Republic continue their research in this field with their SPHINX in LR-0 reactor, but
  • Japan seems to have stopped work on their Fuji MSR but now have Thorium Tech Solutions Inc (TTS), who are working with
  • Norway, at the Halden test reactor, to test fuel


  • MCFR : Molten Chloride Fast Reactor.

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